3.1 How to Request and Use Group Key for Large Multi-User Node-Locked License

For the administrator of a large group, a campus-wide site license for example, we provide a unique Group Product Key that should make deploying Origin to a large number of computers easier.

To generate the Group Product Key:

  1. Log into the OriginLab website.
  2. Click the "Manage my Licenses" link, then click the desired Serial Number.
  3. Click the "you can see all product keys here" link. You will find the Request Group Product Key button on the page that opens.

The purpose of the Group Product Key is to free you from having to manually enter the key during activation.

To make use of the Group Product Key:

  1. Save the Group Product Key in a text file and name it PK.txt.
  2. Put the file PK.txt into the folder where other Origin Setup files are.
  3. Run the Origin setup files to install.
  4. After installation is complete, start Origin. Note that the Group Product Key is pre-filled in the License Activation dialog and the license is automatically activated.

The Group Product Key in combination with the Silent Install Method allows you to install and license Origin automatically on every user machine.