3.3 Send and Plot XYYY Data

This example shows how to generate sine and square signal and make a 2D line plot in LabVIEW with Origin.

It is to demonstrate the following:

  1. Generate sine and square signal with the same sequence x, x is increasing continuously when program running, until the Stop button pressed down.
  2. Make a 2D line plot for signal waveform dynamically on a graph layer. In addition, you can specify the Long name and Unit for the line plot.

  • The block diagram below is starting from an Origin project file named Simple XY.opj and add a worksheet with 2 columns designated as Y, the Long Name and Units of columns are controllable.
    Send and Plot XYYY Data.png
  • The block diagram below plot data in worksheet into Graph1 and set the scale for graph via LabTalk script.
    Send and Plot XYYY Data2.png
  • Y, Y1 and Y2 are sinusoidal and square wave generated, the wave data was output to the Worksheet and GraphLayer.
    Send and Plot XYYY Data3.png