1.1.30 OA_Wks-SetCell


Put data into a worksheet cell.

Connector Pane

OA Cell-SetData.png

Controls and Indicators

CI var c.jpg Data is a variant, accepting different types of data (numeric or string).
CI ref c.jpg Origin.Worksheet is a reference to Origin.Worksheet.
CI err c.jpg error in(no error) contains error information that occur before this VI or function runs.
CI num c.jpg r1 is the row index of the cell.
CI num c.jpg c1 is the column index of the cell.
CI ref i.jpg Origin.Worksheet Out is a reference to Origin.ApplicationSI.
CI tf i.jpg SetData is a bool variable which can show whether the "Data" has been inputted into the cell correctly.
CI err i.jpg error out contains error information.
Note: This VI is available since Origin 8 SR4.