1.1.21 OA_PE_mkdir


Call the pe_mkdir X-Function to make a sub folder in the current folder in Origin.

Connector Pane

OA PE MkDir.png

Controls and Indicators

TrueIn.png from root need to be set to TRUE if you want to create the new folder from root. FALSE means to create the folder from the current folder.
CI ref c.jpg Origin.IOApplication is a reference to Origin.ApplicationSI.
CI err c.jpg Error In contains error information that occur before this VI or function runs.
TrueIn.png use existing means use the existed folder that name indicates if it is set to TRUE. FALSE means to create a new folder using enumerated name.
TrueIn.png cd need to set TRUE if you want to switch to named folder or FALSE if not to change active folder.
CI string c.jpg name specifies the new folder name.
CI ref i.jpg Origin.IOApplication.Out is a reference to Origin.ApplicationSI.
CI err i.jpg Error IO Out contains error information.
Note: This VI is available since Origin 8 SR3.