Options to Name


Syntax: window -r windowName newName

Rename windowName with the given newName.


Syntax: window -ra

Open the Rename dialog box.


Syntax: window -rl windowName "labelContents"

Specify a window label for the windowName window, and set the window to display the label in the window title.
This is equivalent to:

windowName!page.title = 1; 
windowName!page.label$ = "labelContents";


Syntax: window -rn notesWindowName newName

Rename notesWindowName Notes window with the given newName.


Syntax: window -rp windowName [strNewName]

Update windowName with the Short Name or/and Long Name preset in the graph template:
If the graph window windowName is created from a template with ShortName and/or LongName preset, this command will update windowName with the preset name and save the updated ShortName in the strNewName variable if present.

Supposed you save a cloneable template "mytemplate" to UFF with Short Name preset. Then activate workbook with prepared data and run the following script to create a graph from the cloneable template and set the graph Short Name.

worksheet -pa ? mytemplate.otp;
win -rp %H strNewName$; //The updated short name is saved in strNewName$


Syntax: window -w winName

Temporarily set the active window to winName.
This allows commands that work with the active window to apply to winName.
You must eventually execute win -w to restore normal operation before using the command again.