Takes the derivative of dataset.Make a copy of dataset before using this command if you do not want to lose the original data. The derivative is calculated by averaging the slopes to neighboring points.Range allows you to specify that the derivative should be performed on a subset of the dataset.

This command is no longer recommended. Please use the differentiate X-Function instead.


derivative [option] dataset [range]


no option, Take the derivative

Syntax: derivative dataset [range]

Take the derivative.

See the Example.

-p; Locate peaks in a dataset

Syntax: derivative -p dataset [range]

Locate peaks in a dataset.If the slope value between neighboring data points is zero, or if the two points have opposite signs, the resulting derivative is considered to be zero.

range bb=[Book1]Sheet1!B;
//Calculate the derivative of the data range, 
//the peak points will be equal to Zero.
der -p bb -b 10 -e 20;


The following script takes the derivative of col(B) within the range of row index 2 to row index 10.

range aa = [Book1]Sheet1!col(B);
der  aa -b 2 -e 10;