2.18.2 Using Set Column Values to Create an Analysis Template

Many analysis tools in Origin provide a Recalculate option, allowing for results to update when source data is modified, such as when importing new data to replace existing data. A workbook containing such operations can be saved as an Analysis Template for repeated use with Batch Processing.

The Set Column Values feature can also be used to create such Analysis Templates when custom script is needed for your analysis.

In order to create Analysis Templates using the Set Column Values feature, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Set up your data sheet, such as importing a representative data file.
  2. Add an extra column to the data sheet, or to a new sheet in the same workbook.
  3. Open the Set Column Values dialog from this newly added column.
  4. Enter the desired analysis script in the Before Formula Scripts panel. Note that your script can call X-Functions to perform multiple operations on the data.
  5. In you script, make sure to reference at least one column or cell of your data sheet that will get replaced with new data. You can do this by defining a range variable that points to a data column and then use that range variable in your script for computing your custom analysis output.
  6. Set the Recalculate drop-down in the dialog to either Manual or Auto, and press OK.
  7. Use the File: Save Workbook as Analysis Template... menu item to save the Analysis Template.

For an example on setting up such a template using script, please refer to the Origin tutorial: Creating Analysis Templates using Set Column Value.