2.2.2 X-Functions for Matrix

Name Brief Example
mcellextract Extract Z data of specified XY coordinates for all matrices in sheet
mCrop Crop matrix to a rectangle area. Example
mdim Set the dimensions and values of XY coordinates for the active matrix. Example
mexpand Expand for every cell in the active matrix according to the column and row factors.
mflip Flip the matrix horizontally or vertically.
minterp2 Perform interpolation/extrapolation on matrix data
mlabelbywcol Set matrix object label by Worksheet column index
mmathtool Perform element-wise arithmetic on two matrices
mproperty Set properties of the active matrix. Example
mreplace Replace cells in the active matrix with specified data. Example
mroi2mat Create a new Matrix sheet with data copying from inside ROI.
mroi2xyz Extract a matrix ROI to XYZ data.
mroiprofile Profiling matrix data on ROI
mrotate90 Rotates the matrix 90/180 degrees.
msclip Clip matrices in sheet with missing values by another matrix
msetvalue Assign each cell in the active matrix from the user definited formula. Example
mshrink Shrink matrix according shrinkage factors.
msresize Resize all matrices in sheet.
mstacklr Perform linear fit on all matrices in sheet
mstackstats Calculate descriptive statistics on all matrices in sheet
msubtract Subtract matrices in sheet by another matrix
mtranspose Transpose the active matrix. Example
mxy2grid Create 2 grid matrices with xy coordinates from input matrix
nccopy Decompress netCDf file.
xy2roi Create ROI objects from worksheet XY data