2.2.1 X-Functions for Gridding

Name Brief Example
m2w Convert the Matrix data into a Worksheet. Example
r2m Convert a range of worksheet data directly into a matrix. Example
w2m Convert the worksheet data directly into a matrix, where X,Y map coordinates can be specified by first column/row or row header labels in the worksheet. Example
wexpand2m Convert Worksheet to Matrix by expand for columns or rows. Example
XYZ2Mat Convert XYZ worksheet data into matrix.
XYZ2MatLog Calculate the logarithmic values for X and Y values, and then perform XYZ Gridding just as XYZ2Mat does.
xyz_regular Regular Gridding. Example
xyz_renka Renka-Cline Gridding Method. Example
xyz_renka_nag NAG Renka-Cline Gridding Method Example
xyz_shep Modified Shepard Gridding Method. Example
xyz_shep_nag NAG Modified Shepard Gridding Method. Example
xyz_sparse Sparse Gridding. Example
xyz_tps Thin Plane Spline interpolation. Example
XYZGrid Create gridding data from xyz contour plot/ XYZ data in worksheet