Details of TreeNodes in Import Matlab


The Options tree specifies all import options for the impMatlab X-Function.

Syntax: Options.Treenode:=<value>

Example: Options.bHierarchical:=1

Treenode Label Type Default Description
bHierarchical Import into Hierarchical Structure int 0 When you select this, only the variable list is imported into a worksheet, and the individual variable names are displayed as linked text in the 1st column. Clicking on variable names will import the desired variables one-by-one in the new worksheets.

Note: Only supports import to workbooks/worksheets.
bSaveFileInfo Save File Info. in Workbook int 1 If not selected, the file information will not be saved in Organizer and the reimport will not work, but the import speed can be improved.
ImpMode Import Mode int 0 Options list:
  • 0:Start New Books
    Import each file to its own new book. If Output is <new>, it will create a new workbook for each file. If there is a book specified as Output, the newly created book will be the same type (workbook or matrixbook) as Output.
  • 1:Start New Rows
    Start new rows for the imported file. Only action supported by the workbook.
  • 2:Start New Columns
    Start new columns for the imported file. Only action supported by the workbook.
  • 3:Start New Worksheets
    Import each file to its own new worksheet. All the worksheets will be within the same workbook.
  • 4:Start New Workbooks
    Always create a new workbook to import each file.
  • 5:Start New Matrixsheets
    Create new matrixsheet to import each file.
  • 6:Start New Matrixbooks
    Create new matrixbook to import each file.
TransMode Transpose Variables int 0 Specify whether to transpose the Matlab data during import.

Options list:

  • 0:None
    The imported data structure will not be transposed.
  • 1:All Variables
    All the variables in the imported file will be transposed.
  • 2:1*N dimension Variables
    Only the variables with 1*N dimension will be transposed.