2.1.25 System


Name Brief Example
ActivateKeyboardLayout This function sets the input locale identifier (formerly called the keyboard layout handle) for the calling thread or the current process. The input locale identifier specifies a locale as well as the physical layout of the keyboard.
add_sys_vars This function adds one or more @ System Variables and their values to \User Files\SystemVariables.ogs and, simultaneously, adds the variable and its value to the Set System Variables dialog box. The function must be used with run -oc. Examples
CloseClipboard This function closes the clipboard. Examples
CreateProcess The CreateProcess function creates a new process and its primary thread. The new process executes the specified executable file. For more info please check: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms682425(VS.85).aspx Examples
DeleteEnhMetaFile deletes an enhanced metafile object Examples
DeleteMetaFile deletes a metafile object Examples
DeleteObject deletes a Bitmap object
DestroyIcon deletes an Icon object
EmptyClipboard This function empties the clipboard and frees handles to data in the clipboard. Examples
ExecuteApp launch an application
FontFaceDWORD_to_Index Convert font from DWORD real value to GUI index. Examples
FontFaceIndex_to_DWORD Convert font from GUI index to DWORD real value. Examples
get_current_working_directory Get the current working directory from Origin settings. Examples
get_origin_c_data_types Get Origin C basic data types, returns the number of data types Examples
get_system_font_info Get system fonts details Examples
get_system_font_name Get system font name Examples
GetClipboardData Retrieves data from the clipboard in a specified format. Examples
GetClipboardText Get the text data copied onto the clipboard. Examples
GetComputerName The GetComputerName function retrieves the NetBIOS name of the local computer. Examples
GetEnvironmentVariable This function retrieves the value of the specified variable from the environment block of the calling process. The value is in the form of a null-terminated string of characters. Examples
GetExitCodeProcess Examples
GetFontName Get the name of system-wide font. Examples
GetFontNameByIndex Get the name of font. Examples
GetFontNames Get available font names Examples
GetKeyboardLayout This function retrieves the active input locale identifier (formerly called the keyboard layout) for the specified thread. If the idThread parameter is zero, the input locale identifier for the active thread is returned.
GetKeyState This function retrieves the status of the specified virtual key. The status specifies whether the key is up, down, or toggled (on, off - alternating each time the key is pressed). Examples
GetLicenseInfo Get User Name, Company Name, Serial Number, and Registration Code. Examples
GetLTMathFunctionList Get the list of internal functions that can be used in LabTalk for calculations Examples
GetMenu The GetMenu function retrieves a handle to the menu assigned to the specified window.
GetModuleHandle Gets a handle to the module specified by the enumeration user can program upto 20 values from MODULE_USER to MODULE_USER+19 for there own dlls loaded by origin
GetOCMathFunctionList Get the list of Origin C functions that can be used in LabTalk for calculations Examples
GetProjectAttachedFilesPath get the path of the temp folder in which the OPJ attached files are placed. Examples
GetRegKey get the registry key in the general area for the Origin software Examples
GetSubMenu This function retrieves a handle to the drop-down menu or submenu activated by the specified menu item.
GetSystemMetrics This function retrieves various system metrics (widths and heights of display elements) and system configuration settings. All dimensions retrieved by GetSystemMetrics are in pixels. System metrics may vary from display to display. Examples
GetTickCount Retrieve number of milliseconds elapsed since the system was started Examples
GetUserName The GetUserName function retrieves the user name of the current thread. This is the name of the user currently logged onto the system. Examples
GetVersion Retrieve current version number of the operating system. Examples
GetWindow get Origin window handle Examples
GetWindowLong This function also retrieves the 32-bit (long) value at the specified offset into the extra window memory.
InstallPythonPackages Install Python packages Examples
is_key_hit Check if user has hit a certain key like the ESC kay Examples
is_pro_version Test origin to see if it is Professional version or regular version Examples
is_win2k Test Windows version to see if it is Windows 2000 or later Examples
IsClipboardFormatAvailable This function determines whether the clipboard contains data in the specified for// dwFileAttributes are defined as follows mat. Examples
IsMenu This function determines whether a handle is a menu handle.
IsWindowVisible This function retrieves the visibility state of the specified window. Because the return value specifies whether the window has the WS_VISIBLE style, it may be TRUE even if the window is totally obscured by other windows. Examples
load_default_checkboxes Receive a array of boolean values saved by save_default_checkboxes in the registry. Examples
LoadBitmap Loads an bitmap from resource
LoadIcon Loads an icon from resource
LoadImage Loads an icon, cursor, animated cursor, bitmap or an enhanced metafile from a dll resources or file
okutil_find_path_from_origin_registry_key Checks registry key for stored origin user path or executible path, for any version of Origin. These paths may not be associated with the currently running origin. Examples
okutil_get_current_lang get current language, E for English, J for Japanese and G for German. Examples
okutil_get_font_file_names Get font files. Examples
okutil_get_installed_ODBC_drivers Populates a StringArray containing the names of installed ODBC drivers Examples
okutil_get_serial_number_language Gets the language string or character associated with the serial number. Contrast okutil_get_current_lang, which gets the run time language that Origin gui displays. Examples
okutil_is_group_server Check if computer is the group server. Examples
okutil_make_origin_registry_key Creates the Origin registry string, for any version of Origin Examples
okutil_set_group_server set local machine's group folder path (UNC path) Examples
okutil_set_resource_lang set resouce language, E for English, J for Japanese and G for German. Examples
OpenClipboard Opens the clipboard for examination and prevents other applications from modifying the clipboard content. Examples
save_default_checkboxes Save the given array of boolean values into a single DWORD in the registry. Examples
SetClipboardData Places data on the clipboard in a specified clipboard format. Examples
SetEnvironmentVariable This function sets the value of an environment variable for the current process. Examples
SetFocus set window focus Examples
SetMenu The SetMenu function assigns a new menu to the specified window.
SetWindowLong The SetWindowLong function changes an attribute of the specified window. The function also sets the 32-bit (long) value at the specified offset into the extra window memory
ShellExecute Opens or prints a specified file. for more info please check: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb762153(VS.85).aspx Examples
okutil_sys_values Sets or gets the system variable's value Examples
TerminateProcess Terminates the specified process and all of its threads.
ShowWindow This function sets the specified window's show state Examples
Sleep It puts the application to a halt for the specified number of milliseconds. Examples
WinExec Runs the specified application. For more info please check: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms687393(VS.85).aspx Examples