Using the Open Watcom IDE to Build a Resource-only DLL

It is possible to open a resource in Origin created using a resource editor/compiler other than Microsoft Visual C++. The topics in this section describe how to build a Dialog Builder resource using Open Watcom C/C++ v1.2 and access it in Origin with Origin C. The following sample files are shipped with Origin and can be compiled by Open Watcom C/C++ to create a resource-only DLL that is accessible in Origin. The Open Watcom C/C++ software is not owned or distributed by OriginLab Corporation. To find out more about Open Watcom C/C++ and to download a copy please visit http://www.openwatcom.org/.

The following sample files are required by this example and can be found in this zip file, under the \Dialog Builder\TempConv subfolder.

File Description
TempConv.wpj Open Watcom project file.
TempConv.tgt Open Watcom target file.
TempConvDlg.res Open Watcom resource script file.
dllmain.c Open Watcom source file.
TempConvDlg.ocw Origin C workspace file.
TempConvDlg.cpp Origin C source file for handling the dialog.
resource.h Header file containing IDs for the dialog and its controls. This is used both by Open Watcom and by Origin C.

Follow the steps below to build a Temperature Converter DLL using Open Watcom C/C++.

  1. Obtain and install a copy of Open Watcom C/C++ v1.2.
  2. Launch the Open Watcom IDE.
  3. Select the File|Open Project... menu item in Open Watcom. Browse to and open the sample Watcom project file TempConv.wpj found in this zip file, under the \Dialog Builder\TempConv subfolder.
  4. Select the Actions|Make all menu item in Open Watcom to compile and link the resource-only DLL.

A resource-only DLL named TempConv.DLL is created in the same folder as the sample files. See the next topic Accessing an Open Watcom Resource-only DLL with Origin C to learn how to open and access the resource in Origin.