1.1 OriginApp Sub-VIs

These are the basic VIs that handles the Origin OPJ files and access to Origin worksheet and columns.

OriginApp Sub-VIs Description
OA_AddOriginPath Add various Origin path before your own file path, like UFF, or installed path.
OA_AddWorksheet Add a new worksheet in an existed workbook using the specified template.
OA_Col-Get-dt Get sampling interval and offset from a column.
OA_Col-GetData(Numeric) Get a numeric array from a Column.
OA_Col-GetData(string) Get text array from a Column.
OA_Col-SetData Put a numeric array into a Column.
OA_Col-SetEvenSampling Set sample rate of a Y column, so you don't need a separate data array of x axis.
OA_Col-Setting Set Column data types and labels.
OA_ConnectToOrigin Connect to Origin project and show the main window of Origin. Using ApplicationSI will not open new instance.
OA_CreateOGW Create a worksheet for saving data to an Origin OGW file.
OA_Exit Exit Origin.
OA_FindAddWorksheet Find a Worksheet in the current project from a book sheet range string.
OA_FindWorkBook Find a Workbook in the current project.
OA_FindWorksheet Get a Worksheet object from a book sheet range string.
OA_GetColumn From a Worksheet object to get a Column object by index or by name.
OA_IsVisible Check if the Origin Application is shown or hidden.
OA_Load Load an opj file or ogw file, or to start a new empty project if no file is specified.
OA_NewEmptyGraph Create an empty graph window.
OA_NewWorksheet Create a new worksheet in a new created workbook using the specified template.
OA_OpenNewOrigin Start a new instance of Origin.
OA_PE_mkdir Call the pe_mkdir X-Function to make a sub folder in the current folder in Origin.
OA_PlotWksCols Plot a range of cells from a Worksheet to a GraphLayer.
OA_RunBatchProcess Perform batch processing with opened analysis template.
OA_Save Save an .opj file to disk.
OA_Wks-Get-2Cols Bundle an x column and a y column of a worksheet to a cluster.
OA_Wks-GetCell(numeric) Get numeric data from a worksheet cell.
OA_Wks-GetCell(String) Get string data from a worksheet cell.
OA_Wks-GetRange Get data from a worksheet.
OA_Wks-PutData Send a 2D array to an Origin worksheet, starting from the c1 column.
OA_Wks-SetCell Put data into a worksheet cell.