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Matrix: Set Properties...

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Open Matrix Properties dialog

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It is not accessible from script.


The mproperty X-Function is used to set the internal data type, data format, and data display properties of a matrix object. Thus, each object in a matrix sheet could have, for instance, a different internal data type (determines memory allocation) or display numbers in a different format.

There are two way to open this X-Function:

  1. Select "Set Properties..." from the Matrix menu.
  2. Type mproperty in the command line window.
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Please note that these operation only valid when a Matrix sheet is active.

The description of each of the field is given as follows:

Column Width

Specify the cell width in units of characters.


Use the Display drop-down list to select between the decimal, engineering, and scientific display formats:

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Select Default Decimal Digits to display all digits in a matrix cell as determined by the Number of Decimal Digits setting on the Numeric Format tab of the Options dialog box (Preferences: Options).

Select Set Decimal Places = to control the display of the number of digits after the decimal place (overrides the Number of Decimal Digits setting on the Numeric Format tab of the Options dialog box). Type the desired decimal place value (n) in the associated text box. This value determines the maximum number of digits displayed after the decimal point. If the field is blank, the default value is used (which is 5 for Double (8) internal data types).

Select Significant Digits = to control the number of digits displayed. Type the desired significant digit value in the associated text box.

Data Type:

Double is the only data type that supports missing values. It is recommended for curve fitting and other math operations where highest precision is needed.

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The following example set the properties of matrix.

  1. New a matrix.
  2. Set the value of each element in the matrix to (i-j).
  3. Select "Scientific:1E3" from the Display drop down list and then click Apply to see the change.