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Tool: Copy Origin Sub-VIs to LabVIEW User.lib...

Brief Information

Copy Origin Sub-VIs to LabVIEW User.lib subfolder

Additional Information

It is not accessible from script.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 8.0 SR5

X-Function Execution Options

Please refer to the page for additional option switches when accessing the x-function from script


LabVIEW Version

In this group, Origin lists all versions of LabVIEW installed in your computer. Before each version, there is a check box. If the check box before a version is selected, the Origin custom VIs will be copied to it.

Delete Older Lib File

Check this box you can delete older Origin llb files in the chosen LabVIEW's user.lib subfolder. The default is yes.

  • The custom VIs are designed to work in LabVIEW versions 7.0 or later. They cannot work properly in LabVIEW version 5.0 or 6.1.
  • One sub-VI, OA_ConnectToOrigin, has been modified. If you have VIs that have made use of this sub-VI, you will need to replace with the modified version.


This tool helps users to copy the Origin custom VIs from <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\COM Server and Client\LabVIEW\Palette to the user.lib subfolder under the LabVIEW installation folder. After copying, users can see these custom VIs in the LabVIEW function palette.

Specifically, the copied files include:

  • OriginApp_LV7.llb
  • OriginAppClassics_LV7.llb
  • OriginWave_LV7.llb
  • OriginMatrix_LV7.llb