2.14.2 X-Functions for System

Origin provides a collection of System X-Functions

Name Brief Example
cd Change or show working directory Examples
cdset Assigns a specified index to the current working directory, or lists all assigned indices and associated paths. Examples
changeUFF Change the path of User Files Folder Examples
debug_log Used to create a debug log file. Turn on only if you have a problem to report to OriginLab. Examples
dir List script (ogs) and x-functions (oxf) in current working directory.
dlgChkList Open a dialog with check boxes and return each check box's selected status when the dialog is closed. Examples
group_server Set up the Group Folder location for both group leader and members.
groupmgr Group Leader's tool to manage Group Folder files
instOPX Install an Origin XML Package Examples
language Change Origin Display Language
lc Lists x-function categories, or all x-functions in a specified category. Examples
lic Add module license file into Origin.
lx Lists x-functions (by name, keyword, location etc) Examples
mkdir Create a new folder in the current working directory.
op_change Get and set tree stored in operation object Examples
pb Open the Project Browser Examples
pe_cd Change project explorer directory Examples
pe_dir Lists current project explorer folders and workbooks Examples
pe_load Load an Origin project into an existing folder in the current project
pe_mkdir Create new folder Examples
pe_move Move specified page of folder to specified folder Examples
pe_path Find Project Explorer path Examples
pe_rename Rename Page or subfolder Examples
pe_rmdir Delete a subfolder under the active folder in Project Explorer.
pe_save Save a folder from the current project to an Origin project file Examples
pef_pptslide Export all graphs in folder to PowerPoint Slides Examples
pef_slideshow Slide Show (full screen view) of all graphs in folder Examples
pemp_pptslide Export selected graphs to PowerPoint Slides Examples
pemp_slideshow Slide Show (full screen view) of selected graphs Examples
pep_addshortcuts Create shortcuts for selected windows in Favorites folder Examples
pesp_gotofolder Go to the original folder wherein this page is located
updateUFF Transfer User Files
ux Update x-function list in specified location