5 What's New in Origin 2021b

Origin 2021b New Feature Highlights

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Top Features

  • New Plot Highlight Mode: Hover on a plot to fade other plots in the same layer. Page-level Mini Toolbar button to toggle mode on or off.
  • Data Slicer for Filtered Data Plots: A panel can be added to plots of filtered worksheet data, allowing in-plot control of filter conditions.
  • Image Window: A new child window type specifically for viewing of image stacks and video files.
  • Matrix Image Stack: New tools for region-of-interest or pixel-level analyses of stacked matrices.
  • Improved Import and Tools for Working with NetCDF Climate Data: New Import Options specifically for import, and analysis and graphic display of climate data.
  • Map Data for Easy Plotting: Easily add state boundaries to maps of the world, the Continental US, etc, including by import of shapefiles.
  • New Book Browser: Organize and manage your add-on or custom workbook and matrix templates.
  • Mini Toolbars for 3D Graphs: Edit common 3D plot types without having to open Plot Details or the Axis Dialog.
  • Intellisense Code Completion in the Python Console and Set Values dialog: Automatic code completion when working with Python.
  • Updated Graph Template Library: Organize and manage your add-on or custom graph templates.

By Category

The Origin Interface

Origin File Types

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Customizing Graphs

Graphical Exploration of Data


Data Analysis

Handle Repetitive Tasks

Publishing and Export


New Apps for Origin 2021b

  • MANOVA OriginPro Symbol.png
  • Polar Heatmap with Dendrogram OriginPro Symbol.png
  • Rectangle and Ellipse Profile
  • Common Bar Width
  • Export Multiple Worksheets
  • Constants Database
  • Probit Analysis OriginPro Symbol.png
  • ANOVA from Summary Data OriginPro Symbol.png
  • Determine Optimal Cluster Number OriginPro Symbol.png
  • Empirical Mode Decomposition OriginPro Symbol.png
  • 1D Statistical Parametric Mapping OriginPro Symbol.png
  • Polar Contour Profile

To find out more about Origin Apps, including where you can get the free add-on Apps listed above, see the Apps for Origin chapter of this User Guide.