Picking and Marking Peaks

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The Peak Analyzer provides several methods to pick peaks automatically. Also, user can opt to add/delete/modify the peaks manually.

Labels are added to the peak centers after they are found or added, to show user the positions of the current peaks.

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 8.0 SR6

What you will learn

  • How to use and customize the auto peak finding in the Peak analyzer
  • How to customize the labels for the peak centers


  1. Start a new workbook and import the file <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Spectroscopy\HiddenPeaks.dat.
  2. Highlight the second column.
  3. Create a line plot by selecting Plot: Line: Line.
  4. With the graph active, select Analysis: Peaks and Baseline: Peak Analyzer to open the dialog of the Peak Analyzer.
  5. In the first page (the Start page), select the Find Peaks radio button in the Goal group. Then click the Next button to go to the next page.
    Select find peaks as goal.png
  6. In the Baseline Mode page, select None(Y=0) for Baseline Mode.
    Select none for baseline.png
    Click the Next button to go to the Find Peaks page.
  7. In the find Peaks page:
    1. Expand the Peak Finding Settings branch. Make sure that Local Maximum is selected for Method. Then click the Find button. Only five peaks are detected.
      Find peaks with local max.png
    2. Change Method to 2nd Derivative (Search Hidden Peaks). Click the Find button again. This time, seven peaks are detected.
      Find peaks with 2nd derivative.png
    3. Click Finish to complete the analysis. We will get this final graph:
      Find peaks result.png