6.1.9 Mark out a segment of plot with different plot style


In Origin, you can mark out a segment of plot with different plot style, such as a segment of dashed in a solid line plot.

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 8.0 SR6

What you will learn

  • Use the Plot Setup dialog to create a graph
  • Mark out the special segment of a plot


  1. Start with an empty worksheet. Select Help: Open Folder: Sample Folder... to open the "Samples" folder. In this folder, open the Graphing subfolder and find the file AXES.DAT. Drag-and-drop this file into the empty worksheet to import it.
  2. Click the New Graph.png button on the Standard toolbar to create a new graph window and then select Graph: Plot Setup from the main menu to bring up the Plot Setup dialog.
  3. Show all of the three panels of the Plot Setup dialog. Select the AXES worksheet in the top panel. Then go to the middle panel to select A as X and B as Y. After that, click Add to add this data plot to the bottom panel. Repeat this step three times. Three data plots should be listed in the bottom panel.
    Mark Out a Segment PlotSetup Dialog1.PNG

    In order to show all three panels in Plot Setup dialog, please expand Plot Type panel by clicking Button Expand Preview Up.png and expand Available Data panel by clicking Button Expand Preview Up.png again.

    Please refer to Plotting using Plot Setup for more information.

  4. In the lower panel, click in the Range column that corresponds to the first data plot. The Plotsetup dialog button 2.png button should be activated. Then click this button to open the Range dialog box.
    Mark Out a Segment Plotsetup dialog2.png
  5. Clear the Auto check boxes (if they are selected) and then set From to 1 and To to 20. Click OK to close the dialog.
    Mark Out a Segment Range.png
  6. Similarly, set the ranges for other two data plots to "20 to 30" and "30 to 40" respectively.
    Mark Out a Segment Plotsetup dialog3.png
  7. Click the OK button to close the Plot Setup dialog. You should get a graph like this:
    Mark Out a Segment Graph1.png
  8. Double-click on the curve in the graph window to open the Plot Details dialog. Select the second data plot from the left panel. In the right panel, change the Style to Short Dash, and then click the Ok button.
    Mark Out a Segment PlotDetails Dialog.png
  9. Finally, we get the plot with a range marked out.
    Mark Out a Segment Graph2.png