Origin 2016 SR1 Bug Fixes




No Gap between error bar and triangle symbols

Before SR1, there was gap between error bar and some symbol shapes, such as triangle, etc.

ORG-13667Graph created with Plot Setup dialog failed to rescale automatically.

Bug introduced in Origin 2016 SR0. When creating graph using Plot Setup dialog, Rescale checkbox wasn't checked by default. Therefore the graph shows a range e.g. -2.5 to 35.

Fixed in SR1 now.


Bar plot gone after add axis break on horizontal bar plot

This is a new bug introduced in Origin 2016 SR0 and fixed in SR1 now.

Details of the bug.

Plot a horizontal bar plot. Add axis breaks on horizontal axis.

==> Bar plot will be gone.

No such problem in column plot.

ORG-14106Failed to set baseline of column plot with log-scale axis to a specified Y value

Plot a column plot.

Set Y axis as log scale.

On Grids tab, choose Vertical on the left and set Y= to e.g. 0.1, 0.001, etc.

Column plot failed to start from such baseline.

Same issue in bar plot.

The problem existed since Origin 2016 SR0, when we started to allow specifing Y= to any value. This Y= value will be used as baseline of column/bar plots.

ORG-13890Incorrect X axis tick labels in 2 level grouped box chart created from Statistics on columns

Do a statistics on a column with grouping information columns.

Choose to plot box chart.

The X tick labels of major group failed to show corresponding group name.

ORG-13930Crash when modifying contour graph

Crash when opening some opj with contour graph or when modifying it.

This is related to triangulation of colinear data.

ORG-13987XYZ Scatter draws on wrong Z coordinates when added on 3D waterfall graph

This is broken in Origin 2016 SR0 but fixed now in SR1.

Details of the bug:

  • Plot a 3D Waterfall graph.
  • Then drag and drop XYZ data into waterfall graph.

==> The scatter points are drawn on wrong Z coordinates.


Origin freezes when copying a polar graph with transparent error bars
  1. Create a 3 column 360 row worksheet. 
  2. Fill 3 cols with row numbers. Set col(C) as Y error.
  3. Highlight them to plot a polar graph.
  4. Open PD, change error bar transparency to 50%. Click OK.
  5. 4. Copy page.
    ==>Origin freezes.
  6. Or run the following script to record time. It's about 55 sec before the fix. After fix, about 5 sec.
menu -e 34097;
sec -e test;
type copy page time:$(test);
ORG-13167 P1Failure to set text and legend border width to 0 on Style toolbar

Click to select legend or text object. Type 0 in Line/Border Width combo box on Style toolbar. Press Enter to to hide the border line.

Before the fix, border line is still there.

ORG-14077When plotting multi-panel graph, not all plots show in legend

This is newly broken in Origin 2016 SR0 and is fixed in SR1.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a worksheet with 12 Y columns.
  2. Highlight all data and plot 4 panel graph. 
    --> Only legend in panel 4 shows all plots in its panel. 
    ==> The legends of panel 1, 2, 3 only shows 1st plot in the panel. 

ORG-14105Smith Chart failed draw correctly after set axis with divide by factor

This is newly broken in Origin 2016 SR0 and is fixed in SR1

To reproduce:

  1. Fill worksheet with row numbers.
  2. Highlight them to create a smith chart.
  3. Open Smith Chart dialog, change Normal Factor to something other than 1, click Normalize button.
    ==> Smith Chart skews badly.
ORG-14089German Origin only: Failed to load Graph theme file in Edit: Paste Format... dialog

Since Origin 2015, we allow user to use Edit: Paste Format... to apply format from an existing graph theme file to graph windows.

It doesn't work in German Origin. Fixed in SR1 now.

ORG-139723D X Constant with Base and 3D Y Constant with Base should be reversed This is broken since 8.1, Help files said that The Z values determine a surface of grid lines parallel to the Y axis .But in Mesh tab, the grid line combo is selected as Y Grid Lines Only .After fix, 3D X Constant with Base will select X Grid Lines Only, similar to 3D Y Constant with Base
ORG-13736Cosmetic issue with "Auto" Color Icon not Really Reflecting Underlying Colormap

When the "Auto" color icon (found in various color controls) is mean to be for a colormap, the icon (little color bars) does nto reflect the underlying colormap very well.

To reproduce:

  1. Create worksheet and fill Col A with row numbers & Col B with random numbers.
  2. Create Scatter plot.
  3. In Plot Detail dialog, set Symbol color to Map:Col A.
  4. Enable Labels.

==> In the Label color control, the colors in the icon for "Auto" don't look like they are related to the colormap very well. 

ORG-14103Coloring issue in unbalanced Column PlotFor unbalanced grouped column plot or box plot, fill color start from the wrong column on. After fix, the fill color will loop inside the group no matter they're balanced or unbalanced.


ORG-10358Multiple line in image can not be correctly digitized.

This is newly broken in Origin 2016 SR0 and is fixed in SR1.

All plots used the 1st X column in DigiData instead of the correct X column for each digitized line


ORG-12764XPS computes wrong baseline result

In the Peak Analyzer, XPS Baseline is snapped to spectrum since SR1. At past, it always starts from 0.


ORG-13905Output sheet name is always overwritten in Probability Plot

Highlight a column to and choose Plot: Statistics: Probability Plot or Q-Q Plot.

Specify Output Range to be a specified sheet name, e.g. [<input>]<new name:=abc> or an existing sheet [Book1]Sheet2!, after plotting, the output sheet was always called Normal1, etc.

In SR1, the specified output sheet name will be kept. Also default output sheet name is PlotDataN.

ORG-13948Discriminant Analysis should support large data betterIn SR1, Discriminant Analysis has improved speed and calculated the correct result for large data.
ORG-13826The Positive State Value box doesn't show properly in ROC dialog
In SR1, ROC dialog, Positive State Value box has improve as



windown -da <winName>

Failed to duplicate active window specified name and keep the current window active

1. New a workbook
2. run the command

window -da mywinName

Newly Broken In Origin 2016 SR0. it keeps the duplicated window active. Also failed to rename it as mywinName

Fixed in SR1.

Licensing and Installation




Windows OS Upgrade Should not trigger license issue in Origin

Windows OS Update (not upgrade) Should not trigger license issue in Origin

 If upgrade or update Windows by keeping personal files and apps, a licensed Origin will not ask to re-license in SR1.




Image plot can keep Anti-Aliasing button turning off when it is exported/ copied pageBefore SR1, Anti-Aliasing button failed to turn off when export some special image plots as .emf or .wmf files or copy page. Fixed in SR1.