Origin 2015 SR2 Features

Ease of Use

ORG-12576Options to control the tooltip for windows in PE

Set @PESH=0 to disable book comment tooltip.

Set @PESS=-1 to show preview as Comments-style tooltip.

ORG-3691Project Explorer: When it's unpinned, click X button on top of PE will hide instead of close PE by default.

In the past, X will close PE and sometimes user doesn't know how to turn it on. So we changed the default behavior to be Hide PE if it's unpinned.

System Variable @FDPC to control this:

0 : old way, close
1 : most logical way, Hide if unpinned (default)
2 : stronger way, Hide always

ORG-12644Menu File: Import: Customize... is renamed to File: Import: Add/Remove File Types...Make it clearer that our File: Import: menus is customizable. 



JIRASummaryDetails Source
ORG-12603Add movrms function in Set Column Values

Moving rms

vector Movrms(vector vx, int back[, int forward])


ORG-12545Support repeated offset pattern for Stacked PlotSet Offset in Plot Detail dialog's Stack tab to be Constant and fill edit box like 0 10, the offset will like 0 0 10 10 20 20...Customer



ORG-12546Column Label Row Characters ImprovementCharacter O1 is reversed for Categories label row instead of K. For more details, see this page. 


ORG-12574Certain SPE file cannot be imported since 8.5.0Supports more CCD sensor typesCustomer