Origin 2015 SR2 Bug Fixes


ORG-12527Failed to show legend of all plots

When plotting multiple data together in a graph, they are grouped.

Group tab of Plot Details dialog, user can customize the incrementing style of each plot in the group.

If user wants to repeat increment pattern for N number of plot, user can set Subgroup Size to N and check Using Incrementing.

In such case, if reconstruct legend, only N number of legend will show.

If user later checks Independent edit mode on Group tab of Plot Details dialog to customize each plot individually, then the legend should show

all plots in the group. Before Origin 2015 sr2, there is a bug so still only N number of legends show.

ORG-12605Fail to Clip Data to Frame for Box Chart

Suppose customer makes box plots from 5 columns, the labels for x axis is automatically set to the column name.

If user check the scale in the X Axis dialog, the scale range shows "From" 0.5 and "To" 5.5.

if user manually change "To" to 4.5 and check the box for "Clip Data Frame" in layer Plot Detail, the fifth box plot still show in the graph.

ORG-12562Origin crashes when adding data into graph with linked layers

Start a new project and generate a graph with linked layers.

Go to Book1 and fill Column A and Column B with row numbers.

Highlight col(B) and drag it into the graph.

--> A message box shows, saying a significant portion of data is outside the range. Yes is selected by default.

Click OK

==> Origin crashes.

Beta tester
ORG-12595Changing Bin size followed by changing pattern disrupt the plots

Start a new sheet and fill them with random numbers.

Highlight the two columns and make histogram plot.

Double click on the plot, in the Plot Detail dialog, go to Data tab, unlock Automatic Binning and change Bin Size from 0.1 to 0.01. Click Apply, you will see bin width shrinks.

Then click on Pattern tab and change Pattern from Medium to None.

==> The bin height is messed up.

ORG-12689Line plot: Fill area to next plot should not carry over to other groups

Suppose there are two groups of line plots in one graph.

Select Fill Area under Curve to next Plot in g1 (Group1). It should not fill to line plots in g2 (Group 2)

beta tester
ORG-12572Fail to nest the subscripts of text
in this case: X\-(CO\-(2)).  "2" is supposed to be subscript of "CO", but is ignored. 
Beta tester


ORG-12542From/to/major edit box becomes date format display if set divide by factor in radar chart

New a worksheet, fill with row number,make radar chart plot.

Open axis dialog, in tick labels page, set divide by factor as 10.

Switch to Scale page.

==> value in From/To/major edit box become date format display.

Click apply button.

--> Value Fro/To/major edit box change back to numeric display.


Axis tick increment not accurate in Date/Time axis

For some date/time data, when setting major tick increment to be 1 hour, it changes to 59 minute instead.Beta Tester
ORG-12552Manually set tick labels to display in table layout not working for categorical data

Enter Drug A, Drug B, Drug C, No Drug in column A. Set the column as categorical.

Enter some values in column B and plot a Column graph.

Double click X axis tick labels to open Axis dialog with Tick Labels tab active for Bottom axis.

Go to Tabel tab and check Enable checkbox. Click Apply

==> All tick labels are gone.

If go to back worksheet and change Categorical order.

==> Some table cells will be missing.

Beta Tester
ORG-12491Origin crash when setting break in graphs with pattern and contour line. data is in date format.

For any graph with pattern and contour lines, and one axis is set to have date format:

Activate the graph and double click on the plot to open plot detail dialog.

Click the Fill Header and set pattern as dense then click OK.

Click the Line Header and set Show Lines as Show All, then click OK twice to close plot detail dialog.

Open the Axis dialog, go to Break tab, select Vertical icon and set Number of breaks as 1 and click Apply button.

==> Origin crashed.

Penny Mok
ORG-12627Failed to set minor ticks after break to be By Dataset

After adding break to axis.
Click Details to customize Scale after Break.

Set Minor Ticks type to be By Dataset and enter some tick positions.

Click OK and Apply to settings to graph.

==> Nothing happens.


ORG-12510Right click plot and choose Go to Book context menu opens source book in other folder in current folder

Suppose user's graph window and source data workbook are not in the same folder.

Right click plot and choose Go to BookN

==> It brings the BookN to the current Graph window's folder.

This is wrong. It should go to the folder where BookN is and activate it. This was broken in Origin 2015 and fixed in SR2 now.

Beta Tester


ORG-12504Origin crashes when merge graph with gadgets in all of them
Beta Tester


ORG-12714Japanese characters show in gibberish in SQL Editor in Japanese Origin


ORG-1271364 bit Origin crashes when running script with mat object
ORG-12579Origin crashes when access property of axis that doesn't exists

Initiate a new graph.

Run the following script.

layer.x3.type = ;

==> Origin crashes.

Essien Chen
ORG-12688else fails if no space before curly bracket
The following code failed to work since 8.5. 
 type "v1 > 0";
 type "v1 <= 0";


ORG-12635Origin 2015 64 bit failed to run in XP_64

Double click Origin9.2_64.exe.

==> Origin fails to launch and show errors below

"The procedure entry point regcopytreeA could not be located in the dynamic link library advapi32.dll"

32 bit Origin runs fine.

ORG-12565Include VS2010 redistribution package in SR2 installation and SR2 patch since Python 3.3 needsBefore SR2, user needs to manually install it.
At the end of patching process, you may get message of "This program might not have installed successfully." Please ignore it.