1.162 FAQ-821 How can I replace/insert a layer in a stacked graph?

Last Update: 7/31/2018

Replace a Layer with New Data

If you have a stacked graph, and now you want to replace one of the stacked layers with different data. In this case, you do not need to embed a new layer but simply right click on the curve in target layer and select Change X/Y and further select the data you want.

If the data you want to replace is from a different worksheet or workbook, you can double click on the layer icon (icon on the top left corner with layer index) to open Layer Contents dialog, click to select the plot on the right panel and click left arrow button on the middle to remove the plot. Then click to select desired data on the left panel, and click right arrow button to add it.

Replace layer 01.png
Replace a Layer with New Graph
  1. Select the unwanted layer and hit Delete key to delete it.
  2. Copy the layer in the graph window you want and paste it into the stacked graph window.
  3. Right click on any of the layers left in destination graph window and choose Copy Format: Dimensions and select the pasted layer, then right click to select Paste Format to set the dimension of pasted layer to be same as destination graph.
  4. Use Object Edit toolbar located at the right side to reposition the pasted layer properly.
Replace layer 02.png
Insert a Layer into a Stacked Graph

Since Origin 2016 SR0, you can utilize Apps in Origin to extend its functionalities. To replace a specific layer, firstly download the Layer Stack Manager App opx file and drag-and-drop it into Origin to install. Read the Description field in opening App webpage to learn how to use the App to insert a layer into a stacked graph.

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