3.42 FAQ-273 How do I keep certain data when saving an Analysis Template?

Last Update: 10/3/2018

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The Analysis Template concept allows you to run an analysis on workbook data, create output and then -- by choosing File: Save Workbook As Analysis Template -- save the analysis procedure to a template for subsequent processing of similar files. All worksheet data are cleared when you save as an Analysis Template. So, if your analysis relies on some reference data common to all of your analyses (e.g. baseline data for peak fit analysis) and you wish to preserve that data, then saving the workbook as an Analysis Template will not work for you.

When you need to save data with your "template", do the following:

  1. Run your analysis.
  2. Make sure that Recalculate Mode is set to Auto for all operations.
  3. If your reference data are stored in a separate sheet, click on the tab containing the source data for your analysis and choose Worksheet: Clear Worksheet; do not clear the worksheet containing your reference data. If your reference data are stored in the same sheet as your source data, select just the columns that contain your source data, right-click and choose Clear; do not select columns containing reference data.
  4. Click OK to the Attention! message warning that all data will be removed from the current worksheet. Note that all of your analysis output sheets are also cleared of data.
  5. Choose File: Save Window As and save your workbook file.

The workbook file (.OGW or .OGWU) can now be used for repeat analysis with similar data files. To check, open an instance of the window from File: Recent Books and import a file into the book. Your analysis should run automatically, using the data that were saved with the window.

Keywords:OGWU, repeat analysis, batch analysis, batch process, data import, reference data, recalculation, template, workbook, operation, lock, Auto, baseline, peak fit, curve fit, repeat analysis

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0