4.62 FAQ-888 How to set properties of special text object(such as axis titles) by using LabTalk?

Last Update: 6/7/2018

Origin has some special text objects such as axis titles below:

Object Object Name
Bottom X axis title xb
Top X axis title xt
Left Y axis title yl
Right Y axis title yr
Back Z axis title zb
Font Z axis title zf

For these special objects, you can also run objectName.= to get or set its all properties.

xb.fsize = 20; //set the font size of bottom X axis title.
yl.fillcolor=2; //Add a box frame to left Y axis title and set the fill color to red.
yl.transparency=50;//set the transparency to 50%.
Note: Run objectName.= to see almost all properties of the object. Also, the general properties are listed in this page.

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