2.20 FAQ-434 What is the Sampling Interval header row?

Last Update: 1/3/2019

The Sampling Interval header row contains the associated X information such as offset (if not zero) and x increment (x is evenly spaced), and it is auto generated when importing files such as SPC, WAV etc. The precision of displayed numbers is controlled on the Preference: Options, Numeric Format tab, while internally the values are full precision and can be found in the metadata viewed with the Workbook Organizer. To open the Workbook Organizer right-click on the workbook window title or to the right of any columns and choose Show Organizer from the context menu.

Origin uses the information stored in the sampling interval header row for all operations such as plotting and analysis i.e. the data will be plotted against these X values. If you wish to generate the X column in the worksheet, select Column: Show X Column.

For more information, see Sampling Interval.

Keywords:step, offset, precision