5.17 FAQ-356 How do I reset my graph or worksheet template to default settings?

Last Update: 11/1/2021

Every window (workbook, graph, matrix, etc.) in your Origin project is created from a specific window template. In a new Origin installation, when you click a menu or toolbar button to create a new window (e.g. New Workbook New Workbook Button.png or Scatter Button Scatter Plot.png plot), a built-in (aka "System") template is called to create that window.

When you customize that template -- e.g. add worksheet columns or change the color of the scatter symbol -- you can save those customizations for repeat use by choosing File: Save Template As. Further, if you save the custom template to your User Files Folder, using the name of the built-in template, that custom template will then become the default template associated with the toolbar button or menu command that was originally used to create the window. Going forward, when you click that toolbar button or menu command, you will call your custom template.

If at some point, you wish to restore the default built-in template, you will need to remove or delete your custom template from your User Files Folder.

  1. Run Origin and select Help: Open Folder: User Files Folder.
  2. Locate the graph template (.otpu, .otp), worksheet template (.otwu, .otw), or matrix template (.otmu, .otm) you want to delete. Delete them.

This will restore the built-in template as the default template.

Keywords:template, built-in, custom, default, Template Library, User Files