1.164 FAQ-824 When I rescale my graph axis, text labels and drawn objects display outside the graph layer

Last Update: 5/19/2016

When you add text labels and other objects to your Origin graph, then rescale the graph axes, either by changing From and To values in the Axis Dialog box or by zooming in with the Scale In tool, you may find that some of your annotations now display outside the graph axes. The problem will extend to any graph that you export or embed in, for instance, an MS Office© document.

Clip before and after rescale.png

While this might seem to be a bug, it owes to the fact that Origin supports adding objects at any location on the graph page and most users would find this to be a necessary feature of their presentation and publication software.

To hide objects that appear outside the graph layer frame, use the method that is outlined here.

Keywords:arrow, rectangle, polygon, annotate, zooming, scale, Annotation Tool, Text Tool