2.127 FAQ-1134 How to remove DDE links in a project?

Last Update: 4/26/2022

If your project contains a broken DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) link (e.g. delete the external Excel file, or do not share the Excel along with the project file), a Start DDE Link dialog will open asking for reestablishing or removing the link. But if your project has so many such links, the dialog will keep popping up which would be very annoying and even unable to open the project.

Start DDE Link FAQ1134.png

'To workaround this problem,

  1. Run following in the Command Window (Window: Command Window) before open the project with DDE links to depress the Start DDE Link dialog from showing. See details of system variable @dden here.
  2. After open the project, you can select menu Edit: Remove Links... to remove DDE links and convert them to values. After that, you can share such project file to others without sending the Excel file.

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