6.88 FAQ-1115 What should I do if I see a "The product key must be registered online before activation" error when activating the license?

Last Update: 12/19/2021

If you got a product key from Origin administrator of your organization directly and entered it into Origin's License Activation dialog, you may see an error message:

The product key must be registered online before activation.
Reg PK before activation.png

Please register the product key as following:

  1. Open the web browser to www.originlab.com/reg/k/<YourProductKey>.
  2. Log into your OriginLab web account. If you don't have an account yet, please create one.
  3. After log in, click the Register button after your product key.
  4. The product key is now registered to your account. Use it to activate your Origin again.

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