3.89 FAQ-327 How to compute the critical value of t distribution?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

Use tinv(t, df) in the command window, for example, type tinv(0.05,15)= in the command window

In addition, Origin also support critical value of other distributions

Distribution Labtalk Function
Normal distribution norminv(p)
F distribution finv(p, df1, df2)
Beta distribution betainv(p, alpha, beta)
Chi Square distribution chi2inv(p,df)
Gamma distribution gaminv(p, a, b)
Weibull distribution wblinv(p, a, b)

Notes: The functions return the critical value for lower tailed probability. A two-tailed-value can be returned by replacing probablity with (1-probability/2)

Keywords:critical value, distribution, t, f, beta, chi square, normal, beta, gamma, weibull