2.122 FAQ-1080 I used a Data Connector to import data but when I reopen my project, the data is missing

Last Update: 1/4/2021

A generalized data import mechanism we call Data Connectors was added in Origin 2019b. As the name implies, Data Connectors create a live link between your project and an external data source -- either a local file or web-stored data.

By default, when import data size exceeds 500kB, imported data and graphs made from that data, are NOT saved with the project file. Thus, if you have connected to a large data file and have not changed the value of LabTalk system variable @DNS (see below), you will open your project file to see that your imported data and any graphs made directly from that data, are missing.

FAQ 1080 connect missing data 1.png

To re-connect your Origin project file on opening:

  1. Click on the yellow lock icon and choose Import or Import All Books.
  2. Alternately, to import graph supporting data and refresh the graph, click on the downward-pointing arrow.
FAQ 1080 connect missing data 3.png

To change how Data Connectors handle imported data:

  • Control import data size threshold with LabTalk system variable @FSE.
  • Control excluding or saving of imported data using LabTalk system variable @DNS.

See this FAQ for instructions on changing the value of a LabTalk system variable.

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