1.217 FAQ-960 How to caculate the area under the curve in a 2D ternary graph?

Last Update: 11/4/2018

Area Under Curve in Ternary.png

To calculate the area under the curve in 2D ternary(the shadow area in the graph above),

  1. Go to the source data, X, Y and Z column, highlight the X and Y column, select Analysis: Mathematics: Integrate menu to open the Integrate tool.
  2. Keep the default setting and click OK button to do the integration. You can get the Area value of the integration in the Result Log window and the Comment cell of the column "Integrated Y1".
  3. Multiply the Area value by sqrt(3)/2. The result will be the area under the curve in 2D ternary.

Keywords:area, integrate, integrated value, ternary coordinate