1.27 FAQ-141 How do I add and arrange layers to a graph page?

Last Update: 7/3/2018

Use the Layer Management dialog, opened by selecting Graph: Layer Management.

The Add tab lets you add a new layer to your graph.

Select from the Type drop-down list and then click the Apply button. The new layer will be displayed in the graph preview panel inside the Layer Management dialog.

Note: To delete a layer(s), highlight the layers in the Layer Selection list box and then right-click, choosing Delete Layer from the context menu.

The Arrange tab will let you create panel arrangements.

  • Specify the Number of Rows and Number of Columns to arrange all layers in your graph.
  • Additional layers will automatically be added when the Add Extra Layer(s) for Grid check box is checked.
  • To arrange only the layers selected (highlighted) in the Layer Selection list on the left hand side of the dialog, check the Arrange Selected Layers checkbox.
  • Set the Spacing(in % of Page Dimension) and then click the Apply button. The graph preview updates. Click Undo if you are unhappy with the arrangement.

Note: All the operations, which have been applied to the preview graph, will only be applied to the active graph after you click OK button

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