2.107 FAQ-1011 Why i and I in equations give different results?

Last Update: 5/16/2019

From Origin 2017, workbook supports Spreadsheet Cell Notation (SCN). With it, you can use column Short Name to refer to that column in the column formulas, which makes it a simpler, easier-to-read syntax In most cases, the column Short Name is not case sensitive. For example, if you enter lowercase letter "a" in the column formula, it will be considered as column A and converted to capital letter "A" automatically. However, the lowercase letter "i" and "j" are pre-defined variables in column formula, referring to row index and column index respectively. If you want to refer to column I and J, you must use capital letters.

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Keywords:Set Column Value, column function, column equation, cell formula, col(I), col(J)