Name Brief Example
add_plots_to_layer It adds one or more plots to a graph layer using data from a worksheet. Examples
check_has_plotted_in_graph Check the specified DataRange if has been plotted in specified GraphLayer Examples
create_rect_object Create a new rectangle graphic object in the given layer Examples
dataplot_set_colormap Set Colormap for a contour plot or any plot that supports a colormap Examples
get_graph_layer retrive the graph layer from the tree node Examples
get_selected_data_plot Get the index of the selected data plot in the active graph layer. Examples
gpage_get_plots Get Graphpage's DataPlots contents into a tree Examples
graph_add_layer Add new layer in graph page. Examples
graphlayer_reset Clear the data in the Graphlayer and Reset the Graphlayer. Examples
is_3D_graph To check if the graph layer is 3D graph. Examples
is_linked_layer Check if the graph layer is linked to another layer. Examples
legend_append_plot Append the string of one dataplot to legend Examples
legend_combine Combine legends of all layers and show on one layer Examples
legend_update Update a Graph Layer's legend and may also set the Auto Legend mode Examples
okutil_access_graphobject_default Access graph object's properties default value Examples
okutil_get_col_by_ocolor Get details about a plot color Examples
okutil_get_increment_ocolor Get increment color Examples
okutil_get_internal_index_by_col Get internal index (to set symbol shape, etc) for a plot by reference column Examples
okutil_get_ocolor_by_col Get the color value to make data plot colors(Color Mapping, Indexing, Direct RGB) follow the specified column value from the same worksheet Examples
page_active_layer_index Get the active layer number from the given page, if page is not the active window, then return -1 Examples
page_get_picture Export graph page to picture holder Examples
page_graph_get_info_tree get info tree from a graph layer by looping through all the data plots in the given layer and find their corresponding workbook info tree Examples
set_active_layer add to TreeNode the name of the active graph page and the active layer number Examples
set_contour_lines Set lines color, style and thickness on Contour Examples
set_show_axis Show or hide axes on layer. Examples
SetAsLayerBackground Set inserted image as background. Examples
update_plot_type Update the plot type of data plot. If this data plot is grouped with other data plots, the others will be update too. Examples