4.2 Distributing Applications Created with Developer Kit

How to distribute applications created with Developer Kit

After creating an application with Developer Kit you can distribute your application to other Origin users.

If it is not necessary for others to see your application's source code then it is highly recommended you distribute Preprocessed files (.OP) instead of the source files (.C or .CPP). See the next section, "How to create Preprocessed files", for more information about Preprocessed files.

Use Package Manager to package all the application files into a single package file (.OPX) that you can send to other users. Users can install your application by dropping the package file on to their Origin.

Note: When adding your application files into the package be sure to add the preprocessed files (.OP) or the source files (.C or .CPP) but not both.

How to create Preprocessed files

Distributing Preprocessed files (.OP) instead of the source files (.C or .CPP) will improve the speed of the initial compilation on a user's computer.

A Preprocessed file can be generated by setting LabTalk's @OCS and @OCSB system variables before compilation. For more details about setting these system variables to create Preprocessed files please see the Preprocessed File section on the Create and Edit an Origin C File page.