4.6.1 The Workbook Script Panel

Workbooks and Matrixbooks have a Script Panel that can be displayed on the right side of the window. This panel can be toggled on/off using the Script Panel context menu accessible by right-clicking on the page title.

The Workbook Script Panel-1.png

Script can be typed into the bottom half of this panel. The top half shows history of execution of the script. The book can then be saved as a window (OGW) or template (OTW). Or the entire OPJ can be saved with the book contained in the OPJ. In all cases the script is saved with the object and is available for future use.

To execute the script, either select one or more lines in the bottom panel and press Enter. You can also execute all lines by clicking the "Execute All" button.

One could thus place script that one wants to repeatedly use with a specific book/type of data, and just run the script from this panel.