19.1 Peak Analyzer

The Peak Analyzer is a wizard that offers an intuitive and interactive interface to walk you through the steps of advanced peak analysis. You can use it to find the baseline in the spectrum, detect the peaks, calculate the peak areas. In OriginPro, the Peak Analyzer is even capable of performing non-linear fitting to the peaks in the spectrum data. The kinds of analysis that will be performed by the Peak Analyzer depends on the goal you select on the first page (the Start page). Available goals include:

  • Integrate peaks
  • Create Baseline
  • Subtract Baseline
  • Find Peaks
  • Fit Peaks (OriginPro only)

To open the Peak Analyzer dialog:

  1. Highlight the input data in worksheet.


  1. Plot the data in a graph and then make the graph active.
  2. Select Analysis: Peaks and Baseline: Peak Analyzer from the Origin menu.

In addition, you can use the Peak Analyzer in LabTalk script by calling the pa X-Function. This X-Function allows you to specify the range for the spectrum data and a theme to use for the analysis settings. Optionally, you can perform the analysis with the Peak Analyzer without opening the dialog with this X-Function. There is also a gadget named Quick Peaks for peak analysis.

Topics covered in this section: