17.9.3 (PSS) Paired-Sample T-Test

Use this feature to determine the power of a paired-sample t-test given the sample size, or to get the sample size required to obtain a specified power for paired-sample t-test.

Generally speaking, the Power and Sample Size tools can be used in two ways: sample-size estimation and power computation. The former can be used to determine the size of the sample to ensure a certain level of power when you are designing an experiment. The latter can be used to estimate the accuracy of the result after you have conducted an experiment on a specific number of samples.

To calculate Power and Sample Size for Paired-Sample t-Test:

  1. Select Statistics: Power and Sample Size: (PSS) Paired t-Test. This opens the PSS_tTestPair dialog box.
  2. From the Calculate list, choose Power or Sample Size, then choose your remaining options.
  3. Upon clicking OK, an analysis report sheet is generated.

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