The Cox Proportional Hazard Regression Dialog Box


Specify data range for analysis, including time data range, censor data range and covariate data range.

Time Range Specify time data column
Censor Range Specify censor data column
Covariate Range Specify covariate data column

Censoring Value(s)

Specify the censor subject value, which identifies which time values in the observation data set are censored.


Specify the table type to be output

Event and Censor Values Summary Check box for output the summary of event and censored value result.
Covariance Matrix Specify whether output the covariance matrix or not.
Correlation Matrix Specify whether output the correlation matrix or not.

Survival Plots

Specify the survival plot type to be output

Survival Specify whether output the survival curve or not.
Hazard Specify whether output the hazard curve or not.


Specify the output destination

Survival Functions Specify the survival function data destination
Output Report Specify the report worksheet destination

Results Log Output

If this check box is checked, the result will be output to Results log.


Specified the recalculation mode

None The output will not be connected?to the source data and any changes to the source data will not result in an update of the result columns
Auto The results automatically update when source data changes
Manual The output will not automatically update when the source data changes. You will have to manually initiate the update.