The (Plot Details) Spiral Tab

The Spiral tab is used to customize the layout of the bars along the spiral axis and the spiral axis

The (Plot Details) Spiral Tab 01.png


Specify the direction of the spiral axis lines from the center, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Start Angle

Specify the start angle for the spiral axis at the center. The default angle is 90.


Specify how to arrange the bars along the spiral axis. There are two layouts:

  • By Period: Plot the data points as bars by specifying period range within each winding. If you want to plot all bars within each 3 years on each winding, you can select By Period and set period range as 3year.
    The (Plot Details) Spiral Tab 02.png
  • By Windings: Plot the data points as bars by specifying the number of windings.
    The (Plot Details) Spiral Tab 03.png

Minimum Radius

Specify the radius for the center hollow at the start point. The unit is % of layer.

Maximum Radius + Gap between Windings = Min(Layer width, Layer Height)

Plot Size

Specify the highest bar height of the bars. Plot Size =1 means bar height of the maximum Y value is equal to the gap between each winding.

Show Shadow Bar with Y=

Specify whether show shadow bar under all bars, and the height of the shadow bars.


Specify a color for all shadow bars.