9.2.7 The (Plot Details) Planes Tab

In a 3D graph in the Cartesian coordinate system, you can control the position and display of the XY, YZ, ZX and fourth planes. In a 3D Ternary colormap surface plot, you also control four planes, which we designate XY, YZh, ZhX, and ZZh. You can opt to display the outlines of the front planes in your 3D graphs.

To control the display of the 3D planes, edit the Planes tab of the layer's Plot Details dialog box.

Note that this tab is also available at the layer level in 2D waterfall graphs but control is limited to the XY, YZ, and ZX planes.

Planes1.png Planes2.png
Planes tab for 3D OpenGL graphs Planes tab for 2D waterfall graph

Grid Lines

These check boxes control whether grid lines will be displayed in the corresponding plane.

Note: If this box is unchecked, then grid lines will be hidden in that plane, even if the Show box in Grids tab is selected in the Axis dialog.


These check boxes are used to automatically re-display the back plane when the graph is rotated such that one of the planes shifts to the front.

There are three selections to specify the position of the plane.

Auto Keep the original position of the plane.
%From Bottom The %From Bottom specifies the position of the plane relative to the bottom of its orthogonal axis, as a percentage of the axis' length.
At Position= Specify the position of the plane directly.


Enter Percent while %From Bottom is selected from the position drop-down list.

Enter position value while At Position = is selected in the position drop-down list.


The Color text box specifies the associated plane color.


Specify the transparency of the plane color.


Note: This group will be named Prism if the plot is created in a 3D ternary coordinate system.

Front Corner

Specify the color, style, and width of the front corner.

Whole Cube/Prism

Specify the color, style, and width of the whole cube/prism.

Plane Border

Check the Enable box to adjust the color, style, and width of the plane border.