The (Plot Details) Mesh Tab

Mesh Tab 1.png
Mesh Tab 2.png
Matrix based
XYZ based

For LabTalk control, see Set the mesh on 3D surface plots.

Grid Lines

Specify how to display the grind lines options include: X Grid Lines only, Y Grid Lines only, or Both X and Y Grid Lines.

Line Width

Specify the grid line width.

Major Minor Lines

No Minor Lines

All grid lines are major lines.

Set Number of Minor per Major

Enter the X and Y value to specify the number of minor lines per major lines.

Set Total Number of Majors

Enter the X and Y data to specify the total number of major lines.

Show Minor Lines

Check this check box to show the minor lines on the surface.

Line Color


Use Colormap check box is used to set the color of grid lines as same as the surface colormap.

Major and minor line color can be specified from the color list.

Back Color

Specify the back color of grid lines.


Specify the grid line transparency. Select the Auto check box to use the same transparency of the surface.