9.6.9 The (Plot Details) Display Tab for Ridgeline

This Display tab is used to control how to show the distribution of each sample.

The (Plot Details) Display3 Tab 01.png


Specify how to show which type of ridgelines:

  • Distribution Curve
    Only show distribution curves for ridgeline plot
  • Distribution Curve with Data Points
    Show Distribution curves with data points. You can check the following option Data Points under Curve to show the data points under the curves, instead of on the curves. The Data tab will appear to let you deicide how to show the data points.
  • Distribution Curve with Rug
    Show distribution curves with rug under the curves. You can customize the rugs using the Rug group.
  • Single Block Bar
    Show histograms as single block bar for all plots.

Data Points under Curve

This option only appears when you select Distribution Curve with Data Points as Type. If you choose this check box, the data points will be plotted under the distribution curves; otherwise, the data points will overlap on the curves.

Quantile Lines

Specify whether show the quantile lines and which quantile lines to show. Check the check box, you can type numbers into the following blank box. The numbers you entered should belong to 0~100.

Line Style

Once you added any quantile lines, the Line Style option will be available to let you specify the line style, line color and line width.


Select a column label row to control the position of ridgelines on the Y direction. By default, the column index will be used to arrange the ridgelines.


Once you selected Distribution Curve with Rug as Type, the Rug panel will appear to let you control the display of the rugs under ridgelines.

You can specify the Color, Thickness, Size(%) and Gap Between Curve for the rugs.