The (Plot Details) 3D Error Bar Tab

The 3D Error Bar tab at the data set level of the Plot Details dialog provides controls for Style, Direction, and Transparency of the 3D Error Bar. Please note that the 3D Error Bar can only be created with either 3D Scatter or 3D Surface plots.

3D Error Bar 1.png

Show Error Bar

Specify whether to enable 3D Error Bars in the plot.



Select the desired error bar color from the list. Select Auto to ensure that the error bar color matches the associated symbol color in a data plot with symbols, or the associated line color if no symbols exist.

Line Width

Enter the line width of the error bars.

Cap Width

Enter the cap width of the error bars.


This controls how much the error bar can be seen through. Move the slider or type a desired integer from 0 to 100 in the combination box. Note that 0 means the symbol is not transparent at all, and 100 means the symbol is fully transparent.

X Error/Y Error/Z Error

Error Data

Specify the data used to generate the error bars in the plot.


Select this check box to show the error bars above the data plot.


Select this check box to show the error bars below the data plot.


Specify which lines to show as the cap line of the error bars. For example, show XY Lines as cap for Z error.