The (Object Properties) Arrow tab

Object Properties Arrow tab.png

In the Arrow tab, you can control the display of the begin and end arrow heads.

If both a begin and end arrow head is selected, you can select the Same Head Size check box to ensure that changes you make to the Width or Length of the arrow head in either the Begin or End group apply to both.

For Angle object, you can check the check box Show Arrow for Arc to show arrows at the end of arrow lines.

To add the arrow for each segment for Ployline object, you can check the Show Arrow for Each Segment check when the arrow head is selected.

Check this the Set as Default checkbox to apply this tab settings to the currently selected object and to all future objects of the same type.

Note: The Transparecycontrol is the same one in Line tab, and they share the same value.

When you change the transparecy percentage for the line, the arrow will be applied to the same transparecy percentage, and vice versa.