6.12 Import Filter Manager

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The Import Filters Manager, available in the Preferences menu, provides an overview of all import filters, including User-defined filters in the User Files\Filters folder. In this dialog, you can see filter names, categories, supported file types, and whether Origin supports drag-and-drop import for each file type. To modify filter settings with the iwfilter dialog, select a row and click Edit.

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Import Filter Manager Dialog Box

The descriptions of the controls are given as follows:


Filter Filter names.
Support Drag & Drop Check to support Drag & Drop import mode.
File Extensions Supported file types for the filter.
Folder Filter location (category), system or user-defined filters.
Drag&Drop Exclusion List the file types or files which don't support Drag&Drop.


Customize Menu

Open the Import Menu Customization dialog.


Open the iwfilter dialog to edit filters.

For detailed information about iwfilter, please read the iwfilter dialog box description below.


Apply the changes.


Cancel and close the dialog.

iwfilter Dialog Box

Use X-Function iwfilterto make or edit an import filter:

Iwfilter dialogbox.png

Filter Name Show the name and path of the filter which is being edited. It is not editable.
X-Function Name Specify the name of the X-Function for which the filter is used.

General Import Setting Group

File Name Filter Specify supported file types for the filter using wildcards. For example, *.dat imports all files with a .dat extension.
Drag&Drop Exclusion Specify file types that do not support drag-and-drop.
Filter Description Describe the filter's usage or contents.
Page Type Select the type of page to be imported to.
  • Worksheet
    Import file into a worksheet.
  • Matrix
    Import file into a matrix.
  • None
    Import file into a worksheet or matrix, depending on the file structure.
Show Filter in File: Open List Indicate whether to show filtered file extensions in the Files of type dropdown list when using the Open... dialog.
Open XF Dialog Specify whether to open the X-Function dialog in the process of importing.
Labtalk Script after Import The LabTalk script entered here is executed after importing. For example, you can enter plotxy iy:=(1,2) to plot a graph after importing a data file.

Special Import Setting Group

The contents of this group vary depending on the X-Function. Please refer to the Options treenode of the specific X-Function's Help document.

User Defined

The User Defined branch is available when you edit a user-defined import fileter. It has three options:

  • Python Code: incl. a text box for adding or editing code
  • Python File: for pointing to a .py file;
  • Origin C: for specifying your Source File and Function Name.
UG iwfiilter dialog.png

For basic information on programming options in Origin, see the Programming in Origin chapter.


At the bottom of the panel are four buttons:


Open an existing filter and load all its settings.

Save As...

Save the filter with another name.


Save the filter with its current name.

This button is not available when you are editing a system filter.


Close the dialog box.