13.2.3 The Toolbar Buttons

Button New XF Wizard.png New X-Function Wizard

Opens the New X-Function Wizard. The wizard guides steps you through the process of creating a new X-Function. Duplicates the File: New X-Function Wizard menu command.

Button Open XF.png Open X-Function from OXF File

This button opens the folder of the most recently visited X-Function and lets you to browse for an X-Function to be edited. Duplicates the File: Open User X-Functions menu command.

Button Save XF.png Save OXF File

Saves the current X-Function. Note that X-Functions cannot be saved to the \X-Functions folder under the Origin program folder. Duplicates the File: Save menu command.

Button Edit XF.png Edit X-Function in Code Builder

Open the X-Function in the Code Builder.Duplicates the Tools: Edit X-Function in Code Builder menu command.

Button Tree View.png Tree View

Toggle between standard view and Tree View. When X-Function Builder is in Tree View mode, the button is depressed. Duplicates the Tools: Tree View menu command.