29.8.6 3D Waterfall Z:Color Mapping

3D Waterfall Z Color Mapping.png

Data Requirements

Select at least one Y column (or a range from at least one Y column). Ideally, select at least two Y columns (or a range of at least two Y columns). If there is an associated X column, X column supplies X values; otherwise, sampling interval of the Y column or row number is used.

Creating the Graph

Select required data.

From the menu, choose Plot > 3D : Z Color Mapped 3D Waterfall.


Click the Z Color Mapped 3D Waterfall button on the 3D and Contour Graphs toolbar.

3D Waterfall Z Color Mapping toolbar.png


glWater3D.OTP (installed to the Origin program folder).


3D waterfall with Z color mapping is an OpenGL-based 3D graph:

  • The Y values in each column define an XY face with white fill color.
  • Color mapping is applied to the lines in Z direction.
  • Typically, all XY faces are arranged in the Z direction by values stored in a column label row. If a column label row contains numeric values, these are auto-detected and used to label the Z axis. Absent a row of numeric values, other column metadata, including column headings, can be used to label the Z axis. Ultimate control is via the Z Value Source drop-down on the Miscellaneous tab (Layer level) of Plot Details.
  • You can enable data labeling for 3D Waterfall plots, using controls on the Label tab of Plot Details.